Somebody prayed for me
They had me on their mind
They sacrificed their time
Got down on their knees and prayed for me

They had no doubt 
That God would bring me out
That He would change my life and set me free

I’m so glad that someone prayed for me. 

Those lyrics – which by the way are incredibly, annoyingly Rhymey (if that is not a word  I just made it one) – are on this constant replay in my head the past few weeks.  Just when I think they are out of my head and a new song can take up residence there, someone says something that prompts them to start all over again.

Before the past few weeks I probably had not heard this song in 20 years or so.  Even then, I’m not sure I liked it.

However, as annoying as the rhyme might be, the song holds truth.  It is in that truth that so often I am humbled and overwhelmed.  Someone did, in fact, pray for me.

I have made some pretty dumb choices in this short life of mine. I’ve made choices that one day I may share, and I’ve made choices whose stories will stay dead and buried right where they belong! But somewhere in the midst of those really poor choices – someone was praying for me.

As the the lyrics say ‘They had no doubt that God would bring me out, change my life, and set me free.’

And I am here to tell you, friends, I am free!  I am free from insecurity! Free from the need of someone besides God to give me my identity! I am free from constant worry that I will not have my needs met. Free from addictions that ensnared and free from lies that entangled my soul. I am free!

And when any of the above try to sneak back into my life I live in confidence that someone is praying for me.  That fact, ladies and gentlemen, is enough to push back all sorts of darkness from my heart and mind.

Mom, dad, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends like family – those of you who have sacrificed sweet moments and precious hours seeking God’s face on my behalf – thank you is not enough for how I feel about your prayers and sacrifice.  Because of you my life is changed for ever.

So even if I think the lyrics are a bit cheesy, and the rhyming parts annoy me as they tumble over and over in the vein of the song that never ends.  I have to grin a little as I get to the end of the day and sing along….I’m so glad that someone prayed for me.