I am headed off the grid to a spiritual retreat for the weekend. That means that I will not be posting anything till at least Sunday night. (I will still write every day and post those writings later…challenge is still on.)

One of my favorite things about going off the grid is the silence I am able to give my heart. So often the noise of this life is simply overwhelming. Work demands give way to house demands give way to school demands and those demands give way to all of the other things that make up a life: friends, obligations, walking the dog, staying healthy, staying current on the news, checking facebook, updating twitter….etc etc etc. The spiral goes on and on till life is just chaotic and out of control.

Then for a weekend…I get to unplug. I get to leave my phone and computer at home, take off my watch…and simply be. Granted even in this time I will be busy and serving….but I will have opportunities for quiet where I can just sit still and know the presence of the Lord.

I’ve been longing for this weekend….waiting for it….it is finally here….and I am ready.