I’m back….starting the counting again. And will make no excuses for the time skipped. It is what it is.

On my way “off the grid” two weeks ago, I passed a field with beautiful horses. They were grazing on the wild flowers in the pasture, and the sun was setting, and everything about the picture was perfect.

I quietly sighed to myself, “I wish I had a friend who had horses so I could ride and enjoy them once in a while.” I kept driving and didn’t think more about it really.

Less than 12 hours later, I was working on setting up for the weekend and talking to my new friend, Jenn. Somehow the conversation got around to horses and farms. Guess what! Jenn has horses! She works with them all day long at her job!

BAM! Just like that this little tiny whisper of a desire in my heart that even I just barely acknowledged to myself…had been fulfilled. I now had a new friend…who had horses.

It is the “little” things like this that God does that overwhelm my heart constantly. Fulfilling desires that sometimes I didn’t even choose to formally acknowledge, but He knows my inner most parts and His desire is that His daughter knows that she is loved and cherished.

So when the bigger desires plague my mind – A desire for a family member to come back to the Lord, or a desire for a godly man to pursue my heart….when those desires weigh heavy…it is the “little” things that I remember and that encourage me to strive on.


-photo by Nicole Staples at http://www.thinkdreambelieve.com