A while ago I was at a women’s conference where we silently shared our cardboard testimonies.  On one side were words describing who they were before Christ and on the other the words describing who they were after.  I knew many of  these women.  I loved them. But there were secrets revealed that day that made me love them even more.  These woman had bravely opened up their souls and with simple words and phrases let friends and strangers see into the crevices of their hearts.  The parts of us that most of us try to hide, sweep under a rug or pretend do not exist – these women boldly shed light on for all to see.

What I noticed most of all was how many of us had the same or similar words.







Some of these same things are words I hid behind for years.  These words which were written on another’s sign pierced through and revealed buried wounds in my own heart.

These wounds were not revealed in such a way that they could hurt me again, but rather they were revealed in the light of sweet sisters that had exactly the same hurt, fear, brokenness I did.  I was reminded once again I am not in this battle alone. And that in confession of the wounds there is room for healing.

Whatever your words are – know that you are not alone in your battles. Someone else has that same struggle, brokenhearted identity, and fear. Those words that you hide behind, sometimes without even knowing, they are not your identity.  The One who sacrificed His life for you has banished all of them for all time.  He longs to change the words that you hide behind and heal your wounds. So speak them out, or write them down, reveal them to another.  You will find that in revealing there is restoration, in confession there is a way made to wholeness and healing.


I too had a cardboard testimony to share that day.



Searching for an Identity.

Full of Doubt.

Those were my words. By grace, mercy and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit now they have changed.



Identity found in Him.

Full of Love.

That day I remembered – I was not alone. And Neither are you.