” I won’t say the words. You’ve heard them and know them. I’ll just say that I hear you and I care.” – sweet words from a friend in response to my last post 


Thank You: I feel as though someone – or many someones – have thrown me a life preserver. Last week was rough. My last post was hard to face, hard to write, and even harder to publish. In fact, I even had to be honest with myself and edit the published version and add a fact or two.

Oh the sweet joys of my life and friendships.

Within minutes of hitting publish I had phone calls, emails, and text messages from friends, family and friends-like-family from ALL OVER THE WORLD filling up my life.  Messages full of support, encouragement and a willingness to walk with me through this season.

And that is what it should be all about really – walking with each other through each season.  Saying “this is a good day” and rejoicing, admitting this is a “bad day” and walking it out together.

So sweet friends who reached out, who “liked” my post to let me know they were there, who texted, sent messages, called, and most of those who prayed. Thank you is not enough….your words, deeds, and prayers were life preservers to my soul.

An update: On Thursday I went to my chiropractor/kinesiologist to work out in my body what I already knew in my head.  He helped – a lot!  (side note: I recommend homeopathic remedies to any and all…always!) Not only did he help identify some issues, but he gave me some natural ways to take care of them, as well as some practical advice on how to face some of these things.

I also had some heart to heart conversations with a couple of my closest friends and admitted to fear in my heart about being completely honest with them.  That helped – even more!

Some encouragement: I’m not out of this season yet. An honest blog post, a doctor appointment and a few conversations – no matter how wonderful, do not magically set things right (though they do make it better).  Here, however, is my encouragement to you, should you also be walking in a season of “drowning” (or maybe that should be swimming in a season…eh..let’s just roll with it okay).

  1. BE HONEST!  Tell a friend – a true friend – one who will not take it and tell the world…but rather will take it to the One who created the world. A friend who will hold your hand and cry with you. One who will listen and one who will say “I will sit here with you till you are ready to get up, and then I will walk with you along your journey.”
  2. GET HELP! Get to a doctor, a counselor, a recovery program of any kind. We were not created to fight our battles alone, and it is only in seeking out help that we will find it (and find it you will).
  3. BE OKAY! Be okay with where you are.  This was hard for me. I want to be the one helping others, the one who has it under control so I can “be all things to all people.”  But for now I have to be okay in my weakness and brokenness, so that I can do #1 and #2 above.

At my church we have a beautiful saying ‘It is okay to not be okay – it is just not okay to stay there.’  I have said this to so many friends and walked with them in their season of hardship, but was robbing those same friends of the opportunity to walk with me through mine.

So while I am not out of these turbulent waters yet, I am now in a life preserver, made up of friends, doctors, and prayer…the waters are calming and the boat is within reach…