Guy sitting on the plane behind me is telling an amazing story!

Apparently the flight he just came off of a huge guy got on drunk and his drunkenness was not seen by the crew. They take off he downs two jack and cokes on the plane, then starts hitting on the girl next to him till she moved and requested a new seat.

He ordered a 3rd drink and got denied by the flight attendant – at which point he started cussing her out and stood up and told her he was going to kill her!  She went to back and called up to the pilot who decided on an emergency landing in Grand Rapids to get this guy off the plane.

Some military guy happened be on the plane and assisted the crew by going up and staying with the guy…staying super calm and talking the guy down.  Turns out this guy is headed to Florida for rehab and decided to go on a bender on the trip down there.  The military guy kept him calm till they get to GR and he is escorted off the plane by policemen!

They then continued on to Chicago. Never a dull moment in the air ladies and gentlemen…never a dull moment.