For my faithful readers who pray,
I am asking of you a favor.
My heart, as you know, is ready to move from this
stagnant place that I am.

I feel that God has stripped all the securities of my life;
Job, Boyfriend, Social Life, and Place to live, from me…
For a purpose.

I am ready to move, ready to follow,
ready to heed whatever HE may have in store.
So this is what I am asking.
Fast with me….pray with me.

Ask of HIM who knows all things,
That HE will reveal to me the open door
That HE wants me to walk through.

His Word promises so many things, but in James HE says…
“If you want to know what to do…then ask of God….HE will not resent your asking…He will tell you. But when you ask be expectant of an answer.”

So I am asking of you to pray, expecting an answer.
What city, town, state, or country.
Where He leads I WILL follow.

Thank you.