I flipped the calendar this morning from April to May – but before I did I just stood there and looked at all the month of April had held….
A day of fools….a Friday they say is good….an early Easter dinner on a Saturday night with my family…my aunt’s cooking, my papa’s laughter, fun conversation around the table

…an Easter lunch on Sunday with friends – One from the past, one from the present and one just made that day…an Easter Sunday that ended in celebration of the Cross, the blood shed, a resurrection full of Hope that gives me life today…

Sunday’s to worship with the Village, Monday’s of Mary Kay
Massages, lunches with friends,
my friend’s playing good music
my first ride in a pedicab,

prayer with the Elders, my first guitar lesson,
…my sweet god-daughter turning 1…
a dentist appointment…
blue bonnets
…Taxes…A brother celebrated another year…my dad did too.
A symphony, a painting, a play – all enjoyed with friends I love.
Ending with Day 1 of Road Rules 2010 with the Village Church!

That was just the stuff on my calendar. Someday someone may find this calendar, and look at the words and think nothing of them. But there were days of laughter, days of fun, days of tears and sadness as well, days when I doubted, days when I rejoiced, days when I was lonely, & days overwhelmed by the love of friends. For every minute of every day I am thankful…now onto May!